Furby Features


Furby Boom ReviewLet’s examine what makes the new Furby Boom different. Is it just the colors? Or the upgraded app?

All that and many more. I can guarantee you that you haven’t seen any toy quite like this.

Main Features:

  • You can take care of your Furbling via the app;
  • Name your Furby and have your pet remember and recite its name;
  • Furby Boom also remembers the name of other Furbys;
  • This model comes with new and upgraded personalities. The way you interact with it determines the kind of Furby you will get;
  • Suitable for ages 6 upwards as it has small parts that can be a hazard to younger kids;
  • Responds to all your interactions, physical and via the app;
  • The box includes a ton of stickers, a map showing all of the Furbys you can hatch (kind of a Furby family tree);
  • furblingThe Furby Boom app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Not compatible with prior Furby generations;
  • The ability to hatch up to 50+ eggs.

In 2013, the biggest improvement is the opportunities you have to interact with the Furby. Both physically and via the app, the things you do will shape the personality of the Furby.

While the old Furby had 4 main personalities, the new one has 5 and many many more expressions and responses for you to experience.

The Furby App lets you monitor the health, well being and hunger levels of your pet. The 4 main sections of the Furbys’ health check are:furbxray

  • Health – If this drops low, run a checkup and/or do some X-rays to see why your pet is ill.
  • Food – If the level is low, hop to the pantry and give the Furby a snack. It is as easy as flicking the selected snack from the device into the Furbys’ mouth. Be careful though, they don’t like all the snacks available on the menu. So you may have the pet, upchuck the snack you just fed it.
  • Shower – Your Furby needs to be washed occasionally and the level shows when in the app. Get ready for some singin’ in the shower.
  • General happiness – Aim to keep this high to have a happy Furby.

The 2013 Furby Boom allows you build a virtual city. Collect, hatch, name, nurture your own Furbling eggs. Collect enough of them and you are on your way to earning the Golden Egg. Once hatched you, your Furby Boom and your Furblings can all interact and play games.

boxzigfurbThe Furby is a fab toy for all ages. It has held its appeal since it was first launched and the constant updates and upgrades have made it a toy to be reckoned with. The fact that you can play with it digitally and physically is a big WIN-WIN!

Order yours early as it is expected to be popular and sell out close to Christmas.

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